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A variety of factors have led individuals and small business owners to evaluate the benefits of using renewable energy. These range from protecting our environment and stability of energy sources to just saving money.

Numerous questions need to be answered in order to determine what type and size of alternative energy (AE) system is most appropriate for a given situation; 

  • Is my home/business a good place for an AE system? 
  • How big should my system be? 
  • How much power will it produce? 
  • How much will it cost? 
  • When will I recover my investment?

The Alternative Energy Product Suite (AEPS) can answer these questions and more via a collection of tools for designing, modeling, estimating, analyzing, monitoring, and controlling home and small business alternative energy systems.


Comprised of three interrelated, interoperable products; System Planning (available now), and future capabilities for System Monitoring and System Control, AEPS is targeted at the professional designer/installers, do-it-yourselfers (DIYers), trainers and educators, and system owners.

There are currently three versions of the AEPS System Planning Tool available; Web, Basic, and Standard. A Professional version will be available in the near future.

Feature Web Basic Standard
Ability to create and model energy usage Yes Yes Yes
Number of components allowed 10 50 Unlimited
Advanced core components (Circuit breakers, inverters, power centers) No Yes Yes
Load Groups No No Yes

Some of the planned Professional Edition capabilities:

  • Enhanced behavior profiles – Develop custom behavior profiles for model components
  • Customized configuration data
    • Create custom manufacturers lists, product specifications, and product costs offered by the seller
    • Customized material/installation costs and labor rates can be set to the values offered by the seller
  • Enhanced charting/graphing options – Additional user control for displaying selected generation, storage, and load components as well as specifying the time frame
  • Report builder – Create template based reports for a customer using data from model simulation and cost analysis

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